Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pictures week of Dec. 7-11 2009

On Monday morning I had a bit of extra time to wait at the metro so I took some pictures.

Inside there was a woman with long hair sitting there who reminded me a lot of Cousin It:

The park seen from the metro:

And vice versa:

Here's a little man-made pond in the Angrignon Park with a few frozen seagulls huddled on top of the thin ice:

As I was standing there enjoying the silence there came some snow floating gently down on the still air, it was really nice:

When I turned around to go back I noticed a loose semi-circle of seagulls had formed behind me, I'm assuming they thought I'd give them something to eat:

Here's the view from my desk Monday:


Wednesday we had the first snowstorm of the winter:



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