Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to hoping...

that I get let off work early at 11:30am like I did last Thursday, because I've run out of things to look at on the internet since nobody is updating, blogging, posting, or tweeting anything today!! (except me apparently)

Last night and the night before I was super busy after work, what with arriving home at 6:45pm and trying (and failing) to be in bed by 9:30pm to recuperate after a cold and accumulated lack of sleep, and having to make dinner, shop for late Christmas gifts and booze etc.

Today depending what time I get home I have laundry to do, a roast to cook, a very dusty floor to vacuum, litter to clean, and a party to get ready for. My friend Stephan is having a little get-together at his new place tonight with his roommates, also friends/former roommates of mine. He just moved there on Tuesday so it'll be a housewarming party as well :P

I have a bunch of pictures to upload, if I have any free time today I'll do that, if not it'll have to wait till tomorrow or this weekend. Tomorrow me and Mat are going to dinner at his mom's place and exchanging a few gifts. Then after that hopefully, lots of sleep!!! loll :P

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  1. Yeah, I'm one of those non-posting, supposed blog writers keeping you bored :) It is nice to unexpectedly get off early from work on a holiday-eve.

    Hope your new year goes well!