Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fog at -20 and caramelized onions

Just now I opened the curtains and saw this:

This is not my window fogged up, but outside fogged up. I thought to myself "It's -20 outside this morning! How can there be fog?" but remembered that there's the river nearby and that rivers make a lot of steam when it's really cold out. 5 minutes later it had cleared up:

But I'd like to go down to the river sometime to take pictures of all the steam.

This week at Rossy I found some yummy-looking beans:

Here are the mediterranean ones, they turned out yucky:

And the chili ones too, but the indian ones were really good. Will buy more.

I got an early Christmas present from Mat, a mini frying pan they were selling at the grocery store, so cute!

Here are the egg sandwiches I made with it for Mat:

Some carollers in Place Des Arts metro last Sunday:

This week I decided to try making caramelized onions for the first time, they turned out absolutely amazing:

So I put them on mashed potatoes with some white pepper for dinner the other night. Mat kept asking for bites lol, he loves caramelized onions apparently:

Caramelized onions are simple but long to make. You chop up an onion or two, throw it in a frying pan on medium heat with a few tbsp of oil and fry them, stirring occasionally. When they start to turn brown at the edges, watch carefully, and when you get brown stuff starting to collect at the bottom of the pan lower the heat to about med-low before it burns and dump in a bit of hot water or broth to dissolve the brown stuff at the bottom and keep stirring and scraping it up. When the water has all evaporated and you start to get brown stuff at the bottom again, repeat. Sit in front of the stove and do this for an hour or so until they get a nice brown color. Then take a spoonful to taste (if you haven't already at this point) and revel in their concentrated onion-y amazingness.

Last night I decided to make more, and try to see if I could do the same thing to tomatoes, to add a caramelized flavour to them. So I chopped up 5 or 6 tomatoes and threw them in the pan:

And tended to them for an hour or two along with my onions, and it turned into this super-concentrated tomato sauce of amazingness, to which I had to add about a tablespoon of sugar to get rid of some of the acidity:

The onions didn't turn out as dark this time, I used more onions in a big pan on a smaller ring so that's probably why.

Today I might be seeing a friend or two, one of which I haven't seen in years. I hope I get to see her! I forgot to call her this week to make plans so if she's already busy it'll be my fault lol. Oh, and we're gonna stop at the most amazing cinnamon bun place which I discovered when I moved to Montreal a few years ago, Cinnabon. I can't wait! I'm gonna call Steph later and see if he wants to come with or something.

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