Friday, November 20, 2009

What NOT to send by courier...

Ok people, don't send an urn full of the ashes of a loved one by courier! Our company has one of the lowest rates of package loss/damage in the industry, like .5% or something, but things still happen! What on earth are you doing sending your husband's ashes by courier!?!?! He's gonna get kicked around a warehouse for crying out loud! I really wish I could have told this lady NOT to do this. I mean, even if it doesn't get lost or damaged, it's still...disrespectful? weird? I dunno. All I could think of while I was on the phone with her was the angry call I took once a year or more ago by a client who had sent someones ashes in an ENVELOPE and called saying that the envelope was torn and the ashes were spilling out when they received it... Thankfully I don't work in the delivery & tracing dept. and could transfer the call to them, I can't imagine what the person who took that call had to say to them!


  1. It's actually kinda funny, in a way...

    (OK, so I must be some kind of pervert to say that...)