Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday dinner, cube, dinner, tea and crackers

So last Sunday me and a bunch of friends went to eat at Kam Fung in Chinatown for my birthday, and ended up ordering an insane amount of food lol. Here are Christelle and Stephan:

Tiffany and Emmanuel:

Snake soup, it was very yummy, and half of a pork dumpling:

Here's the peking duck (which was my favourite) and spring rolls:

A delicious fried basket with veggies:

A dish of shrimp and veggies:

Here's the table groaning with food:

A delicious chocolate mousse cake for dessert:

All of us, the last one on the right is Dew:

My fortune:

I didn't take pictures of some of the appetizers, the sweet & sour soup and the pork dumplings in peanut sauce. We were so full we all rolled to the car on the way back lol. And we all took home a jar of leftovers too. Oh and we had warm sake too. I didn't even have room to eat my fortune cookie after that!

Some amazing graffiti near my job, my jaw dropped the first time we drove by it:

Not the black suv in the bottom left corner of this one to get some size comparison:

And a tanning salon with a nice mural nearby:

Here's the five-spice teriyaki chicken I made for Mat tonight, that marinade is delicious:

And my dinner, meatless Shepherd's pie, was delicious too:

And some korean ginger crackers in chocolatey chai tea I had afterwards:

And now I'm beat. I'm off to bed, I have to get up at 6am tomorrow morning for a customer service training from 8am till 4:30pm.

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