Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm gonna make some tonight!

So we didn't have time to buy the Christmas tree or my winter boots but we DID go to Ikea! I bought some yummy stuff that I took pictures of that I'll post up tonight if I have time. I guess the Christmas tree and the boots will have to wait till later this week. Last night we got stuck in traffic for an hour coming back from Mat's mom's place and then when we finally got home at around 6:30 we had dinner and watched High Crime. Mat got called in to work this evening so I'll be alone at home. I have to go see a friend tonight anyways.

Argh I HAVE to start taking my cortisone pumps tonight, I've been clearing my throat and coughing constantly for the last 30 minutes. I'll take them for a month and stop and if I start coughing again after that I'll have to go back to the doctor. I've been meaning to buy a new foam mattress pad and a hypoallergenic sheet to put on top of it to see if it helps, I'll be getting some birthday money so I'll be able to do it soon, yay! I've asked Mat for an air purifier for Christmas too lol. They have some starting at $100 at Canadian tire, which is nice because I thought they'd be more expensive than that.

Only an hour left!!!

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