Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monday night: Chinese, Korean and Japanese food

Last Monday I went to visit my friends Kris and Kristie after work. We went to eat at the Wok near their place:

Kris and Kristie:

Here's the general tao chicken me and Kris shared:

Afterwards I went to a Korean/Japanese grocery store near their place on St. Catherine St.:

I bought a bunch of stuff that I've never tried before:

I mixed the bean curd stew with the veggies and lots of furikake and it was delicious!:

I also made a mayo and furikake burger, which was also delicious:

And put some furikake in some of the egg-white stracciatella I made which was delicious as well. Furikake is good on anything!:

Today I have no plans other than to do laundry, clean and listen to tech house. Tomorrow church, then the Kam Fung at 5pm with a bunch of friends. I can't wait!

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