Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A great hummus recipe

I found a really yummy sounding hummus recipe that I wanna try out soon. It takes a few hours of soaking and simmering so I won't be able to do it tonight (well maybe the soaking part if I can find a grocery store on the way to the gym) but definitely soon.

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  1. Too much work for nothing. The canned variety does just fine. Add a little water and olive oil to liquify it, add herbs and some onions and garlic (they are great for cleansing the blood). If you want to go to the trouble of boiling them, then make it a soup combo with kidney beans and vegetables (use vegetable broth for fasting days). Add pasta, rice or potatoes.
    I like the whole chick pea as a salad with kidney beans, green and yellow beans, onions and garlic and olive oil and red wine vinegar (topped with herbs of choice). Great supplement for protein when meat and poultry is off the diet.

    Did you know that there's chick pea flour for the gluten intolerant? Rice flour is also used for baked goods. The health food stores have so many alternatives.