Friday, November 12, 2010

Isao Tomita Snowflakes are Falling

Snowflakes Are Falling is an album that my dad bought before I was born. Apparently my parents listened to it while I was still in my mom's belly, and I remember dancing to it with homemade maracas made of popsicle sticks, empty egg cartons, raisin glossettes, and tape :P

I like to think that this is what got me to loving electronica/techno. This album is really nostalgic for me. When I listened to it a few years ago after not having heard it since my childhood it gave me goosebumps. So eerie and beautiful and weird and exciting :D Soundtrack of my life. Here's the playlist of it I made on Youtube:

I couldn't find track #7, Passepied, on Youtube so I downloaded the mp3 and figured out how to add it to a video I took and uploaded it to youtube myself. The album is now complete! The image you see on tracks #4 and #5 is the original record album cover art. My parents still have the record.

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