Monday, March 15, 2010

You might be a foodie if...

Go read "You might be a foodie if..."

I'm not as bad as some of those people, slowly getting there though :P

The windows at work haven't been this clean in months. We finally had some rain yesterday after two weeks of dry sunny weather, the windows were positively filthy. Today I got to work and just gaped at the beautiful gleaming view in front of me. It's so nice!

Last night I talked with Mat till 2am or so. I was finally able to put into words what I hadn't been able to tell him for a while now, for various reasons. It was great to get stuff off my chest. Nice warm fuzzy feeling. But nothing has changed still really, except we understand eachother a bit better now.

Every time I look out the window I'm surprised at how clean they are lol.

I went for a walk on my lunch hour again today. Now that the weather is nicer I've started going for 20-30 minute walks every day at work. I want to have some sort of physical activity since I'm not the type to play sports and I have a desk job. Mat was telling me how he started doing push-ups to get a head start for when he starts in the army and we both did some as well as sit-ups and I had him beat for the situps with 25-19 and he had me beat with the pushups at 19-1 lol. My arms are miserably weak apparently lol. Maybe I should start doing some pushups too :P

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