Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some food ideas for next month and bacon dreams

Wow. I'm totally blown away by this guy's dedication to pizza. If ever I go to SF I have to try his pizza!

In that article there's a link to an article titled "Pizza Cognition Theory" which basically states that whatever pizza a kid has as his first pizza ever, will thereafter define pizza for him. I think that's totally true, not just for pizza but for anything else. That's one thing that if ever I have kids I'll make sure to raise them on as good quality and as wide a variety of foods as possible. Ok we might have days of eating spaghetti with store-bought sauce if we're short on time or money but there will also be homemade Pasta alla Puttanesca, sauce Bolognese, etc. And you can bet the store-bought won't be the first pasta they would try!

Speaking of which, I've never had anything other than your run-of-the-mill restaurant pizza, I've never had pizza with mozzarella di buffala and fresh basil and good stuff like that on it, baked in a real wood-fired brick oven. I have to ask my fellow Chowhounders here in Montreal where I can find some. Hopefully the question is where and not if.

And of course I'd like to try making my own pizza some day, and eventually building my own outdoor pizza oven. I love any outdoor cooking projects, whether it be making pizza, smoking my own bacon, bbq'ing, or cooking over a campfire. I have yet to try the first two though. Hopefully my bacon dreams will come true this summer if I'm not so lazy and stop procrastinating! lol.

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  1. I don't have my own oven, but I love making pizza from scratch. I've been doing that for ages and now I'm about ready for my kids to learn. Time for them to learn how to knead dough and make their own pizza sauce.

    That guy in San Francisco is really dedicated, though. Wish I were back there, in the Mission District.