Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caffeine makes me write

Nothing like a dose of caffeine to give me a boost of optimism. I've noticed that as well as waking me up, it makes me more cheerful and optimistic (and makes me write here lol). I've been feeling blah lately with my cold, food poisoning and a divorce looming over my head. Sunday night I slept really badly and was feeling very tired and crappy on Monday, not wanting to drink any coffee cause I was still sick. Then Monday night I went to bed at 9pm and managed to sleep well and woke up on my own at 6:30am (15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off) yesterday and felt so much better than on Monday.

Last night I was in bed by 9:30pm, went to sleep at around 10pm, then was woken by the phone an hour later. The problem was it took me till 1am to get back to sleep. I usually need at least 9 hours of sleep to function properly, so I was lying there totally discouraged thinking to myself "Oh please God not another day like Monday, please let me SLEEP!!" This morning I dragged myself out of bed feeling discouraged and dead tired, but once I drank a large tea I felt much better, not just woken up but more optimistic, the day ahead of me actually seemed manageable. I'm just hoping that it won't prevent me from sleeping tonight.

I'm also hoping that I won't feel as mind-numbingly tired this afternoon, the afternoon between 2-4pm is always the worst for me. I fall asleep after lunchtime even on a normal day, so with only 5 or so hours of sleep I'm praying I can make it through. I've tried napping on my lunch hour but I don't always manage to fall asleep. I don't dare to have any more caffeine either for fear of it preventing me sleeping again tonight and turning this into a cycle. Plus I hate feeling jittery.

But at least it's sunny!

Forgive the crappy cellphone pic, I didn't want to have to wait to upload the picture from my camera tonight. Whey are they gonna start making cameras with an email/im function? And the windows at work are filthy, it's driving me crazy wanting to clean them! Yet another reason I want to move back to the country... good air quality!

One of my favourite songs was playing on the radio this morning, don't know the title but the chorus goes "tonight's gonna be a good night" by Black Eyed Peas I think. It always makes me happy.

The tea at the newly-renovated convenience store in the Charlevoix metro is so much better than the stuff you get at Angrignon metro. They have a cool little coffee and tea brewing machine, instead of tea bags they have a selection of teas in little plastic containers with a foil lid, similar to coffee creamers, but a bit larger. You take one of the containers and open the lid of the machine, put it in, and then close the lid, which pierces the container. Then you select the size drink you want (the largest otherwise you'll have too strong tea by selecting the espresso or coffee size) and it pours the hot water through the container of tea into your cup.

It's surprising that the tea is so dark after simply being strained through quickly like that, so I think it might be a more finely ground powder of tea leaves instead of flakes that's inside the containers. Then just open the machine to remove the container & throw it away. Voila! Good tea! At the store at Angrignon, they pour hot water from a coffee pot into a cup, dunk in a tea bag, put the sugar and milk if you ask for it, swish the tea bag around for about 5 seconds, remove it, put a lid, and then give it to you. Now imagine what it looks like after the bag's been only swished around for 5 seconds and then removed. It's ever-so-mildly tea-flavored water with a bit of milk & sugar. Yuck. After the first time they did that I always asked for them to leave the bag in the cup please!! I like tea that actually tastes something thank you.

Oh, and at Charlevoix they actually have a selection of different teas, so you're not stuck with whatever cheapest brand of regular breakfast tea that they decide to use. I love earl grey, but they had run out this time so I had regular english breakfast, which was good too.

Here's something I saw when I went to the grocery store last night lol:

I wonder how long it took before someone said something about it to them?

There was also a poor bird stuck inside the grocery store, flying around in the rafters. This isn't the first time I've seen this happen, I've seen them inside the metro and the mall too. I always feel so sorry for them as I imagine they've been stuck there for a while, starving and frantic. I worry that none of the staff will notice and they'll drop dead from starvation. I usually make sure that someone knows about it. I wonder how on earth they catch them? Or do they even catch them? Maybe they just put out some poisoned bird food at night.

Argh I'm so sick of this cough! I must be driving my coworkers crazy. I have an appointment at the end of the month with a specialist. I can't wait. At least I have an air purifier now and no more cats either *sniff*.

My sister is coming over tomorrow night for the weekend, I took Friday off so we could have some more time to do stuff. She's bringing her new boyfriend for the first time, and usually when she comes over Friday night that only gives us a bit of time on Friday, the whole day on Saturday, and they half the day on Sunday to do stuff. We usually end up not doing anything special on Sunday because we get up too late to have time to go somewhere and be back at my place in time for her to pack and leave by 3pm. She has make it to the bus terminal early for the last bus back to Rawdon at 5:15pm.

I don't think I'll be able to do much running around with them this weekend though as I'm still recuperating and haven't had the time or the energy to do any housework yet. My place is a mess, I'm hoping I can at least tidy a bit before they come over.

Argh I hate clients who talk WAY too loud and blast your ear off when you answer the phone!! I feel like telling them "Move the mouthpiece AWAY from your mouth and stop talking as if I was at the other end of a warehouse!" Ouch. My ear. Thank goodness there's a volume button and I can turn it down but I can't tell which ones are quiet and which ones are loud when I answer so I have the volume set in the middle and then either get my ear blasted off or have to ask them to repeat themselves.

I think I'll end this here for now and go eat lunch. Yay for chickpea curry!!! OM NOM NOM NOM

Cellphone pic to follow.

Oh and here's a nice picture my sister took of the snow last weekend:

Not so delicate by ~FriendlyArt120 on deviantART


  1. A divorce looming - did I miss something? Or is this the first time you've mentioned it.

    I'm so sorry it hasn't worked out. I've been through a divorce and it's very hard. (In my case, the only thing worse would have been NOT to have the divorce, but still...)

  2. No it's the first time I've mentioned it on my blog, although it's been in the works for a few months now. Thankfully the circumstances aren't so bad, we're on good terms still, no kids, nothing to fight over, just paperwork to do.

  3. It seems trivial to comment on the caffeine phenomenon when you are going through a divorce. Lord, have mercy!

    But now I will comment on the caffeine :( I've noticed that when I have chocolate in the morning, I feel so capable and confident, I know I will conquer my sins and the world besides. Unfortunately I run into the same problem you do: I can't keep having the chocolate or I won't sleep--among other problems.

    Thank God, prayer has no bad side effects and works all day and night, though it works a more humble spirit in us.

    I'm glad I can comment on your blog now!

  4. Hehe well I try not to complain about my personal life. It really could be a LOT worse. I try to remember to thank God for all things.

    Yeah I know if I have too much chocolate I'll have a blood sugar low later on and feel completely exhausted. I ruined an entire Saturday evening that way by eating a bag of chocolate-covered almonds once!

    Yes thank God prayer has no bad side effects! I'll continue to do that.

    I'm glad too! :)