Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last week's lenten food

Here's a plate of rice, salsa, and baby scallops I made:

The rice I cooked with mushroom soup base and some leftover caramelized onions. The salsa is the same as this one, and the baby scallops I defrosted under running water in a sieve, then dried them off, and fried them quickly with some oil, salt & pepper, not long enough for them to get all rubbery, they were still tender in the middle. It was really yummy.

Here's the vegan mac & cheese, some salad and canned beans:

The pasta was ok, the salad yummy, and the beans I won't buy again:

Here's the dressing I used for the salad:

And here's the amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies I made. I put about a tsp of cinnamon and LOTS of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I'm gonna remake them sometime with pecans too:

Last week on Tuesday I had to go to Sherbrooke St. West for an errand and decided to stop by the Japanese/Korean store and the Indian place too. I bought some miso paste for the first time:

Lots of seaweed (one brand was on sale 2 for 1):

Some seasoned mushrooms:

And of course some more furikake:

I made miso soup with strips of seaweed, some furikake, tofu, and some of the mushrooms. I forgot to put the mushrooms in at first:

Then I put them in and the soup wasn't as pretty any more, but twice as yummy:

This is an dessert I bought at Dad's Bagels, the Indian place. I don't know what it's called, it's fried dough dipped in syrup, and very yummy:

Here's some guacamole I made. I didn't bother looking up a recipe online, but I remembered it's supposed to have garlic, so I mashed up an avocado with a crushed garlic clove, some Vio dressing, smoked salt and white pepper, and it was really yummy, if a bit too rich. Next time I'll put some chopped onions and tomatoes in too:


  1. Miso soup is such a great Lenten dish. Have you ever tried making your own dashi? That's the broth that is the traditional base of miso soup. It's basically made of kombu seaweed and bonito (dried fish) steeped in water. Then you add miso paste and mushrooms and/or tofu if you like. If you've shops nearby that carry Japanese ingredients, you should be able to do it pretty easily.

  2. No I haven't, I'll have to do that sometime :)