Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fish and snow

A few weeks ago I went to the european deli near my place and they didn't have any of the herring fillets I usually buy so I got some salted herring pieces instead, thinking it was the same thing, and some sprats:

The flavor of the herring was delicious, but they were chock full of bones. It took me half an hour to pick all the bones out of these small pieces. There was some roe also, which was yummy if a bit bland:

The sprats were ok, but I won't buy them again. The label said in brine, but they were in oil. Translation mix-up I guess:

I ended up giving the rest to my parents. I wonder if they've liked them any better than me?

And here's some pretty weather we had 2 weeks ago, it was changing from one minute to the next, very windy!:

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