Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement


Ok people, I'm not generally a chirpy, smiling, happy person when I'm at work, especially if my job is incredibly routine (it is) with calls lasting an average of 30 seconds coming almost non stop, and have to say pretty much the same thing over and over. I go about my business and keep to myself and am generally polite. Add to that my general down-ness because of life being what it is nowadays, being annoyed about last night and the fact that I'm always tired. So I had a couple of rude annoying clients and was in a fine grumpy mood thinking to myself "Like heck I'm gonna be chirpy with any clients after those!". 10 minutes later my supervisor's assistant's assistant shows up with a nice little cutesy colored-in smiley face to tack on my separator wall to replace the neon-yellow smiling sunshine she put up before I moved desks to remind me to smile. I'm the kind of person that if you demand that I smile when I'm not in the mood for it I'll get even grumpier, clients or no. Argh. I'd gladly tear that paper to shreds but she'll put up another one. Can't I just stay in my little funk bubble and be left alone? Phooey.

Lol I was grumpy one day and being my usual polite-but-not-smiling with clients when I had one of those annoying happy-go-lucky chirpy ones that asked me in a pouty voice "No smile today?" to which I replied a curt "No." He didn't know what to say after that if I remember correctly so he left me alone and we continued on with the call :P

Here's Smiley #1, which I promptly "forgot" to put back up when I moved desks:

And here's the one she stuck up just now. Notice the heart-shaped push pin:

That spiky thing underneath is my desk plant. I think it's unconsciously chosen to represent my personality towards clients lol. Here's a better picture of it:

I discovered that there's no way to take a picture with my camera phone without making some sort of click noise, no matter what settings I chose for the volume. I think it must be to discourage the kind of people you read about on the internet that take pictures up women's skirts in grocery stores.

Next job I have I'm going to try to get something that's not in customer service!

Now only half an hour left before the radio nearby get turned off... can't wait...

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