Thursday, September 9, 2010

Epic Weekend Pt.2: Tams, Hotpot and L2

On Sunday we were all up at around 11am so I cleaned up, made breakfast and we got ready and left for the Tams at around 2pm. Here's Kris right after a total stranger pulled up in a car to compliment him on his hair, which totally made his day lol:

I got some good shots of his earrings once we got on the bus:

Here's him and my sister on the metro:

Lol at one point there was a JW that came along. He spoke to the lady in front of us, and then walked right past us to speak to the person behind us :D I gave Kris a thumbs-up and said "Lol dude you WIN!" :P Afterwards he said "Aw I wanted him to come talk to us, I would have told him I'm a JW too!" :P

Here are some people LARPing at the Tams:

Afterwards me, Kris, Carlo, my sister, James and Chris and all went to the Hotpot in Chinatown for bbq. It was delicious, if a bit cramped as we were all 6 of us on one grill. Kris, being his usual weird self decided to pile all his meat in one corner instead of spreading it out, and ended up eating half-raw meat which he later regretted lol. After that we went to the L2 bubble tea/dessert lounge (also in Chinatown). I got a mango colada with lychee jelly and it was sooo good. My sister got honey tea, which was amazing too. Kris didn't have anything, he was feeling too sick. Here's me, Kris and my sister:


The rest of our sleepy little group:

When we got home Kris decided he wanted to modify one of the long-sleeved shirts he had bought the day before, he wore it like that all day on Monday lol:

And then we had to get to bed somewhat early to get up at 8am to go to LaRonde the next day.

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