Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Epic Weekend Pt.1: Shopping, Dragon Rouge and the double birthday party

Ok my weekend is gonna have to be posted in several posts, seeing as I have a whole lot of pics. I thought of putting them all up into one album on photobucket but I can't write descriptions for each one that way. So here goes.

On Saturday me, my sister and Kris went shopping for clothes for Kris. It was lots of fun :) Kris was looking for striped t-shirts and couldn't find any anywhere, but everyone we crosses seemed to be wearing them lol. Finally we found some at the Eaton center.

First we went to Buns (burger place) for breakfast. Here's a pic I ninja'd of Kris while he was playing with his phone:

On the wall at Buns:

Then we went shopping, just walking and cabbing down St. Catherine st. At one point it started raining so we ducked into a store and Kris decided to buy himself a PINK umbrella lolll. Don't ask me why... he's weird like that lol. The guy in the store was laughing at him after I told him "Dude! You are NOT gonna seriously buy a PINK umbrella!?!?" lol. And the funniest was when we walked out of the store, there just HAPPENED to buy a guy walking by... WITH A PINK UMBRELLA!!! lolll so Kris was like "See!!!! I'm not the only one!" loll. I really should have taken a pic of the other guy, or the two of them together, but was too shy :P. So here's Kris and his pink umbrella. I had to ninja these pics with my cell phone for fear that Kris wouldn't let me take a picture if he saw me take my camera out. He's a bit camera-shy sometimes. I just LOVE these pics, they're epic :D:

Then we taxi'd home and started getting ready to go out to l'Auberge du Dragon Rouge, a medieval restaurant, for Steph and Emily's birthday. Here's my sister and I:

And Kris in his new clothes with my sister:

Then we left for the Dragon Rouge at around 5:30. Here's Kris and Dou having a smoke out back while waiting for seats (it's always packed on Sat. night):

Kris ordered the Ogre burger with 1lb of meat:

Here he is with his burger, he actually finished it, along with his fries! :

Here's the beef cheek stewed with honey wine that I ordered. It was delicious, as were the cinnamon chips:

Here's Dou and his 1/2lb burger:

Afterwards there was the Dragon's Blood Oath, where the newbies or those whose birthdays it was get to drink dragons blood (1/2 jack, 1/2 tequila and 15 drops tabasco) but they have to climb on their chair and take an oath first. Something along the lines of "I swear I will drink this without faltering, and if I die I will die off the property of this restaurant and leave all my belongings to the innkeeper bla bla bla" with lots of funny stuff that I can't remember all now, all said with much ceremony and acting, real fun if you understand what they're saying. Actually I think I'll post a translation tomorrow. Have to go to bed soon... Anyways here's a video:

There was also much singing by the bards, and everyone was encouraged to hammer on the tabletops in time to the music, and cheer and scream afterwards, so it got really loud, tons of fun. We had to hold onto glasses and candleholders so they wouldn't shake right off the table loll, and our hands and throats were sore at the end of the night :P That place is great :D A true medieval enactment :D

Here they are up on their chairs, my sister looking freaked out about having to drink the dragons blood lol:

Then we all rolled home full of food and drink and merriment to party some more there:

Here's a Fat Man that Steph made. Now that mug is about 8" high, that is not a shot glass inside it, it's a small regular glass lol. It's HUGE :p:

Here's everyone playing Mario Kart:

Here's Carlo, Kris and Emily:

We played Bang!, then Mario Kart, then Bomberman. Then Kris started showing us stupid youtube videos lol. I ended up going to bed at around 5am, along with most of the others.

Here's me and my sister sitting on top of Kris on the couch, and Carlo on the floor in front of us:

And thus ended Saturday, lots of fun :D Sunday's post to come tomorrow hopefully...

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