Saturday, September 11, 2010

Epic Weekend Pt.3: LaRonde

Monday morning we were up early and left at around 9:30-10am or so. While we were waiting on the bus on Ile St. Helene there was a groundhog munching away nearby:

I took this one on the bus during the short drive there:

This one of the Jacques Cartier bridge and the building underneath it when we got off the bus:

On our way to the entrance:

Unfortunately I was too forgetful/zoned out from allergy pills/nervous about rides to take pics inside the park so the rest Carlo took. Here we are in line for the Vampire:

If you scroll down to the first pic on the right side here, you'll see the vampire. The track is above your head and you're strapped in with your feet dangling in the air. When I saw this pic afterwards I thought to myself "I went on THAT!?!?" lol. I think it was the biggest ride I went on that day, but seeing as it was early enough in the morning we only waited 15-20 minutes in line. The most fun roller coaster I went on that day was the Dragon, and indoor one where you're in the dark except for the monsters and lights going past you. That one had a loooong line though, we waited about 45 minutes. I didn't go on the bigger rides with Steph and Carlo, I hate the falling sensation you get from them.

Here's me and my sister on the Disco Ronde:

Here's my sister, Steph and me on the Splash. Steph managed to poke her as we were going down lol:

Here we are soaking wet:

Here's a video I took on La Spirale:

At about 3:30 it started to rain and my sister had to leave to catch her bus back to Rawdon so we left and went back home. We didn't do much that I can recall that evening, except order chinese. It was a great weekend :D


  1. What do they do in the buiolding underneath the bridge? It must be horribly noisy!