Monday, June 6, 2011

Phone pics May 21-Today

It quieted down enough at work finally so that I had time to blog a bit. It's been crazy busy this week since Canada Post has gone on strike, we're refusing service to anyone who hasn't used us before to maintain the level of service for our current clients.

May 21st: Here's a nice bottle of port that my friend Steph bought and shared with us, it was soo good!:

Later in the evening I arrived home to Carlo's feat of epic dish stacking. The wok and spaghetti pot practically live in the dishrack, Carlo uses them so often cause he's always cooking pasta (he's half-italian) or noodles (he's also half-philippino):

23rd of May: This was a pic taken after an evening of drinking, gaming and watching movies with Sunny, Steph, Christelle, my sister and Carlo. I couldn't participate much in the drinking unfortunately due to a mild case of food poisoning that luckily passed quickly. The guys were playing Borderlands as usual, and us girls were watching Tangled (not my choice). I generally dislike Disney movies because of all the singing (give me a Pixar any day!), and after the first song I asked Cri if there were more and she replied only one. Two songs later I escaped to the bedroom to avoid the rest of them and take a nap. This pic was just before me and Carlo left, Christelle was trying out her drunken motor skills by high-fiveing Sunny in different ways. This was just before she tried a spinning one and ended up on the giant beanbag:

24th of May: Here is a pic of some really delicious ice cream I bought at the Asian market/depanneur across the street from Steph's place. Unfortunately when I brought it home later I forgot to put it in the freezer so it melted completely, I re-froze it and ate it anyways, it was still delicious :D:

Here's Licorice enjoying the view of our back yard:

Our back yard, mostly gravel and no stairs down from our balcony to access it but pretty nonetheless compared to my old one:

And Licorice enjoying the new bed I made for her from unused bedding in our closet:

May 25th: Here's some broccoli and staff-meal noodles with homemade cheese sauce. Carlo brought the noodles home from the restaurant he works at, they were just rice vermicelli with some shrimp and chicken and weren't that great on their own, but with cheese sauce were delicious (what ISN'T delicious with homemade cheese sauce???):

Here is the air conditioner we spent two hours during the wee hours of the morning setting up cause we knew we wouldn't have time to do it during the coming week. All the stores were closed so we had to kludge together a support for the thing with whatever we found on hand. Carlo took a plank from a small printer desk/cabinet thingy that we rested on the windowsill, and then to keep it from falling outwards we took an old utility belt of Carlo's that dated back to his cadet days and screwed it into the plank, and then into the windowsill. Beautiful aint' it! Lol :

May 27th: Here's me & Carlo being sleepy and silly at 7am before I headed off to work for the day. He works from 6pm-12am and I work 9am-6pm so the only time we really have to spend together during the week is early in the morning. I have yet to perfect the skill of going to bed early enough to be able to wake up an hour before my usual waking-up time though so some sleep is lost, but it's for a good cause! :D:

After work that day I went to the Jean-Talon Market to get some smoked lardons for Steph to make pea soup. Here's the belly of a lobster I saw, I find them really cool, I've never cooked one myself though. I should probably do that this summer:

It was apparently the lobster festival:

Here's my coworker Jenny who I went with:

Here's another pic of the market:

Some pretty graffiti near the entrance:

May 28th: Here's licorice trying to lure me in for some attention with her cutest pose possible, you can't see it well but her paws are tucked into her chest making her even cuter. This is on her favourite perch in the livingroom, a box on top of the air conditioner that is now installed. She'll have to find herself a new perch:

May 29th: Being cute on the dining room table again:

Enjoying the view from the balcony again as I fire up the grill that Carlo's mom gave us for the first time.

Licorice getting a foot rub on her usual spot, the kitchen carpet in front of the stove:

I went to Chinatown to pick up some stuff and noticed that our favourite restaurant, the Hotpot, has closed down. Very sad:

I fired up the grill Carlo's mom gave us for the first time:

Licorice enjoying the view:

Some wood chips I bought at the Canadian tire to try out smoking for the first time:

The grill is ON baby! Blood sausage and 2 kinds of burgers, mmmmMMMMM!!!:



More delicious!!

And the perfect dessert, an egg tart from Chinatown:

Carlo had to move the cat's perch so we could install the air conditioner. The cat couldn't care less... lol:

She soon found a new spot, an empty ramen box:

A notice I found near my apartment. Very sad :(

It has my name on it! :D

This is the result of me attempting to grill on a windy day and therefore having to keep the lid of the grill closed otherwise the flame would go out, preventing me from checking on my food often enough... I ate it anyways though:

Here's a powdered mix I found at a small store nearby for a delicious middle-eastern dessert, a kind of milky pudding scented with rose water and orange blossom water:

Another missing cat:(

And the view from my job:

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