Thursday, June 23, 2011


Finally, I'm only 4 minutes away from my 2-week vacation! And oh boy am I ever ready for it... Canada Post went on strike two weeks ago, and work has been busy as hell since then, being a courier company and all. We're refusing service to anyone who hasn't shipped with us before cause we're insanely overloaded.

Add to that a cold I got at the same time as the postal workers going on strike that caused my chronic cough to go into overdrive that not even my cortisone pump, nasal cortisone spray and antihistamines could take care of. And the fact that talking CONSTANTLY makes my cough X times worse as well, as in "Is she DYING over there or something!??!" And my cough preventing me from getting to sleep (thankfully that only happened 2 nights this week).

So finally, FINALLY! I got some antibiotics on Tuesday morning after coughing my lungs up for the past week and a half, and they have started to take effect today, just in time for my vacation! [/sarcasm][/whinerant] All this to explain how freaking ready I am for an effing VACATION!!!!!! [/yelling]


I have planned:

Go visit my parents with Carlo, don't know when yet, and enjoy all that there is to do in beautiful Rawdon in the summer

Cook my ass off from the list of recipes I've been meaning to make FOREVER

and put my apartment in order.

And relax/have fun of course!


  1. I hope you had a great vacation. We left Phoenix about the same time and just got back from Montana (close to the Canadian border). It was 80-ish degrees there while it was 118 in Phoenix. Hard to come home....

  2. I did! I've been meaning to post about it but haven't gotten around to it yet. Hopefully tonight I will.

    118!?!? Wow, we haven't had anything over 90 here so far this summer.