Saturday, March 26, 2011

Les Delices de l'Ile Maurice, and other phone pics

The view from Boul. Pie-IX on our way back from a failed trip to the Botanical gardens to see the live butterfly exhibit 2 weeks ago. We went too late, arrived at 3:45 and there was an hour and a half wait to get in, it closed at 5:00.

The calamari in sweet and sour sauce I had at Les Delices de l'Ile Maurice last weekend, been meaning to go there for years now! It was really good:

My sister and Carlo on Sherbrooke St. E, we decided to take a walk after going to the botanical gardens, the Olympic Stadium is in the background:

The fried cabbage at Les Delices, absolutely addictive! Especially with the homemade chutney they have:

Inside Les Delices:

My cat licorice this morning enjoying a ray of sunshine:

Another shot of the Olympic Stadium as seen from Boul. Pie-IX:

The mussels in curry sauce at Les Delices, delicious!:

Tiffany, Carlo and Scott in front of the restaurant last weekend:

And here's a video of a kid with squeaky toy shoes across the street. I can't imagine why any parent would want to do that:

Hopefully I'll have time to upload all the camera pics tomorrow or Monday...

Tonight going to visit Steph and watch some more Beck, waiting up for Carlo to finish work at around midnight, then going home to watch some Stargate Universe and/or Mythbusters. Tomorrow church, then lazy afternoon, then dinner at Carlo's mom's place. I'll have try to remember to take some pics of all 3 of us! Off I go to vacuum, then off to Steph's..


  1. Fried cabbage? Got to try that. Awesome pics of the city and the resto! Hope you are well!

  2. Thanks! Yes I am :) And DEFINITELY try the cabbage!