Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Culinary traditions

I've been reading Eating Asia for a while now. This morning I decided to search for posts about the Philippines by them since Carlo is half Filipino (and half Italian) and I was curious as to what I'd come up with. That and I've been reading Burnt Lumpia for a while too, all of which makes me want to cook Filipino food lol. I came across this post on Eating Asia and started to think about how blessed I am to have been exposed to so many different culinary traditions, Swedish from my mom, French Canadian from my dad and my friends, and now Filipino food with my boyfriend, in addition to all the ethnic food browsing I do on the internet.

I've thought before of starting to make and post Swedish recipes once a month or so, and now I'm thinking it would be cool to do that with French Canadian and Filipino food as well. Oh, and early-settler-era Canadian food too, I have a cookbook called the Canadian Food Book with a bunch of recipes from a hundred or more years ago that sound really yummy. Assuming I actually get around to doing it lol. I should really start planning ahead for stuff like this, instead of just going "Hey this would be really cool to do someday!!!" and then never get around to doing it, as usual lol. And it would give this blog some direction other than "random life happenings" lol. Well it's nap time now so I'll think about this more after lunch :) Here's to hoping I actually get it done lol.


  1. I hope you follow through on this... especially the Filipino food. I spent 3 years in Taiwan as a kid and nothing here tastes like what we had there. I doubt if I will ever find recipes for minced pidgeon, sparrow kabob, minced goat, stir fried octopus, dog/cat/whatever we ate that we had no clue etc.

  2. Hehe thanks! I would love to find recipes like that too, but finding some of the ingredients would be harder lol. Or maybe not harder, some of those are widely available, just... more controversial? Disease ridden? XD Maybe I should ask the people at Eating Asia :P

    Thanks for the motivation, actually I was thinking of starting up another blog completely just for that purpose, but I have yet to come up with a fitting name.