Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tempura, Fritters, Neighbors and a Bug

On Wednesday I made some zucchini and sweet potato tempura, it was sooo good! I had made pan-fried zucchini before but wanted to try it in tempura, and the sweet potatoes I got the idea from a restaurant (top right hand corner). The sauce too I based it off what I guessed they had used at the restaurant (soy sauce and lemon juice) and made some of my own with soy sauce and vinegar since I had no lemon juice. It was great for dipping!:

And here's a recipe I got from my father-in-law Michel, he calls it "Tapettes de ble-d'inde" I guess an approximate translation would be corn fritters? Anyways it's just crushed up soda crackers (saltines) mixed with a can of creamed corn, then fried. They're really yummy:

And here are my neighbors across the yard in the back all outside on their balconies:

And a pretty bug I found on Mat's car, don't know what it's called:

I'm in Rawdon visiting my parents for the weekend. It was so nice to sleep in this morning, first time I've slept till 9am in I don't know how long lol.

Yesterday me and Mat went to the grocery store in the morning to get stuff for breakfast, and came back around noon, made crepes and corn fritters for lunch, then watched a movie, and by then it was 3:30 and I had to pack and leave for my parents place at 4 to make the bus to rawdon at 6. There was another bus at 5:10 that I thought I'd be in time for but I missed it by 10 minutes so I wandered around in the mall for a while before catching the 6pm bus. Got to Rawdon at 7:30, went to the grocery store with my dad to pick up the ingredients for Cheesy Poofs and Bacon Cheese Casserole that I'll make for my parents today (actually the cheesy poofs I made last night and my mom loved them). I think I'm gonna go walk then dog and then ask my sister if she wants to go to the beach with me.


  1. That is a very pretty bug! I've never seen the like over here.

    From looking at the pictures, it seems like the bottom of your pan is sort of textured (bumpy?). I saw a pan kind of like that for sale in China, and it was advertised over there as a very good nonstick pan that wouldn't smoke, either. Is that what you bought yours for? I was interested in one, but didn't want to lug it on an airplane!

    Writing away about my latest 3 week adventure through China at

  2. Yeah it's a T-Fal nonstick pan that I bought on sale at Canadian Tire. It does smoke if you put it on high enough heat though, I think any pan would. Teflon pans aren't recommended for high heat.

  3. The tempura makes me wish I'd gone for lunch now... And in gratitude for the idea I will ask God to give you all my anchovies.