Friday, August 14, 2009

I need this gene!

I came across this article about a gene they've discovered that makes some people need less sleep. It's rare that a day at work goes by that I'm not nodding off in the afternoon. Even if I've had 8 hours of sleep all week, I need at least 9.

I've been so busy the past two weeks, I haven't had time to post any pictures up. The usual routine is get home at 7-7:30pm, make dinner, tidy up, take a shower, sit in front of the computer for a few minutes and then realize it's already 9pm and I have to start my bedtime routine if I want to be in bed by 10. So clean the cat litter, brush teeth, wash face, say prayers, read 2 pages in my bible, straighten out the bed, with lots of interruptions and forgetting what I was doing lol.

On Wednesday I set a pot of oil on fire and stank up the whole apartment. I forgot the lid on while I was heating it up, and Mat commented that it was smoking, so I lifted the lid to check and smoke came billowing out, so I quickly put the lid back on and took it off the ring, when it promptly went *POOF!* from the oxygen I had let in and the lid popped off, flipped over and landed upside-down on the pot. I figured I'd leave it there till it cooled off, but then realized that the plastic knob on the top of the lid was frying in the oil. So I tried to gingerly turn it over with a garlic crusher that happened to be at hand, which didn't work, so I asked Mat if he could and he grabbed the lid with a fork and tossed it in the sink and brought the furiously smoking pot out on the balcony and set it on the corner of the railing. By then the smoke from the burnt plastic and oil was so thick in the apartment I couldn't breath and both cats were gagging, so I went out on the balcony with the cats, but still couldn't breathe because of the smoke from the pot so I went back in and went out the front door to stand in the alley across from my balcony. The pot wouldn't stop smoking so after 5 minutes Mat asked if there was anyone under the balcony and I told him not to pour it out, he asked me again and I told him again, he asked a third time and I said no, so he poured the smoking oil on the asphalt under my balcony. I stayed outside for half an hour or so, and then went back in to go straight out onto the balcony cause it still reeked of smoke in the apartment, and stayed on the balcony till it got dark. When I went in I tied a t-shirt over my head, t-shirt ninja style, and wore it till I went to bed. Mat took some pictures of me after he told me I looked like a muslim woman :P I'll post them up tonight if I have time.

Speaking of tonight, I'M GONNA GET MY FIRST CAR!!!!!!!! I got my learner's license back in June, and since then I've driven a few times with Mat's car, but he's always hesitant to let me drive it because he's only insured on one side (is that how you say it in english?) and if I scrap the car he doesn't have any money to buy another one, so I don't get to practice often. I was telling that to my dad and my dad told me he'd lend me one of the two old clunkers he has, a slate gray nissan maxima 1992, till November so I don't have to change the tires and have the hassle of parking it in Montreal in the winter. It has a few problems, the transmission slips so you can't go up hills, and the alternator doesn't work when the motor is hot, and the air conditioning makes a lot of noise, but other than that it's ok. So my dad is driving down to Montreal from Rawdon with it right now with my sister and her friend Meaghan, who will stay the weekend to go shopping at the Eaton Center, and leave on Monday or Tuesday by bus, and my dad will take the bus back home late tonight.

My dad is gonna stop and pick me up from work on the way, and we'll go home and have dinner and plan how to coordinate things so we can pick up the two girls at the mall and not have to leave my dad there to wait for his bus for an hour and 45 minutes.

Tomorrow me and Scott (who's head I shaved last night so he now has a mullhawk, which I took pictures of, and hopefully I'll get to dye this weekend and take pictures of too) are gonna go to Steph's place to go swimming, and then on Sunday I don't have any plans besides going to church. I hope I have time to put up some pictures tonight!!

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