Monday, December 19, 2011

Pictures Dec 16-19 2011

Here's Teddy my MIL's dog looking cute while he sleeps:

The view from my job last week:

Here's Christelle at the L2 in Chinatown on Saturday night after we went to Carlo's office Christmas party. I took some pictures with his camera at the party, I'll upload them once he puts them on the computer.

Something funny I saw on a wall in Chinatown:

We stopped at a pharmacy on the way home and one of the clerks, a young guy, happened to pass by us carrying this. I said to Carlo "That's one big-ass Toblerone bar!" and the clerk heard us and said "Oh yeahhh!" lol. It's $80 though so I didn't buy it :P It must have weighed 15lbs!

And here are the presents that I wrapped last night. I can't wait to see Carlo open his cause I put all sorts of weird things inside them to confuse him if he tries to pick them up and shake them to guess what they are :P

The tree isn't up yet as Carlo's mom has yet to put the armchair where it will be in storage. I'll take pics if we manage to get it up in time for Christmas :P

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