Thursday, December 22, 2011

A green Christmas?

If it keeps being like this I don't think we'll have a white Christmas...

I took this out the window I sit in front of at my job. Today is my last day, I have tomorrow off and I'm gonna finish up my shopping and go eat somewhere with Carlo since he has the day off today and tomorrow. On the 24th Carlo's mom is gonna drive me to my parents place and have lunch there, Carlo can't come though cause he's working 4-midnight both the 24th and 25th since he's only been at that job a few months now. I don't have anything planned while I'm at my parents place except exchange presents, stuff my face, sleep in and bum around in my pj's :) Oh and take pictures and upload them.

I'll come back on Monday since I have Monday and Tuesday off, nothing planned Monday and Tuesday either. We have Monday the 2nd of January off too, and there's a NYE dinner and party planned at my friend Stephan's place. He's planning to cook a wild boar roast that his dad hunted himself, and I'm gonna make some turkey-stuffed-turkey, since my mom won't let me touch her freezer-to-oven Christmas Butterball (shudder). This year though I'm gonna eat early, around 6-ish, and let myself digest properly BEFORE starting to drink, last time there was a big meal/drinking evening last spring for our sugaring off/sugar shack meal I made the mistake of eating and drinking too much at the same time with bad results :P

And seeing as I'll have to return to Rawdon on the 7th of Jan. since there's no Christmas liturgy there on the 25th I'll get to make yet another holiday meal! Today I found on Serious Eats an incredible over-the-top recipe for... *takes a deep breath*... deep-fried sous-vide 36-hour all-belly porchetta :D Now I've never even made porchetta OR done sous-vide cooking before so this is definitely jumping in at the deep end, but I think it's a good place to start nonetheless, I like a cooking challenge and I can kill 2 birds with one stone :D And IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!! :D:D:D:D I'll get my family to help take turns watching the temperature while it's in the water bath cause I don't have a Sous-Vide Supreme, I'll have to obtain a large cooler somehow. I CAN'T WAIT! This thing even rivals the Bacon Explosion!

Pictures copyright Serious Eats/Kenji Lopez-Alt


  1. The porchetta looks AWESOME! Oh... my....

  2. Yeah... I said the same thing when I saw it: "I must make this!"