Friday, December 2, 2011

Moving again

Oh look, I have a blog! Amid the craziness of moving my blogging and a lot of other stuff has been pushed aside for a while.

We're currently living with Carlo's grandfather and mom while we wait for his uncle to move his stuff here too so we can take his place downtown. We were supposed to move straight there last weekend, but he wasn't ready so we put our stuff in storage and went to my MIL's instead. Our kitties are staying with our friends Braeden and Christina, and they're getting along fine with their 3 cats thankfully. We had to ask them to take the cats while we're here cause his grandfather doesn't want cats in the house.

We're still getting used to living in a house with several broken things that nobody wants to fix and remembering to close all the doors so the old senile dog doesn't do his business where he isn't supposed to. There's lots of good restaurants nearby though and we get along well with the family, his mom is a very kind sweet person. His uncle says he'll be ready to move on the 3rd or the 10th of January.

I'm looking forward to moving downtown, I've never lived there before and it'll be a bit closer to my job. The neighborhood we're moving to is called Chinatown 2 for the higher-than-average proportion of Asian grocery stores and restaurants, and I love Asian food :D We'll be on the 22nd floor and from what I hear it's a nice sunny apartment, if slightly smaller than our old place.

The rent is cheaper than apartments of the same size in that area because it's been in the family for years (Carlo used to live there when he was a kid) and there's laws against raising the rent too much if the lease stays under the same name apparently. It'll only cost a bit more than where we were living before because the electricity is included in the rent and we won't need to pay for public transport in the summer when we can bike to work. I think it might be about a 20-30 min. bike ride to get to my job and maybe 10 minutes for Carlo.

In the meantime we're slowly shuffling stuff around, this weekend my MIL is renting a truck and moving some of her furniture into her storage so that Carlo's uncle can start moving his stuff into the living room and den at her/our place. We're gonna rent a truck again next weekend for him to do so. It's been somewhat complicated organizing all this but it seems like it's getting done. I'm not looking forward to hauling all our stuff out and into a new place again in a month or two but hey, at least we have a roof over our heads, and we're saving on rent :)

Tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping with my friend Stephan, Sunday after church I might go visit the kitties at Braeden's place, or just stay home and relax. They live a good 45 minutes away by public transport from our place so it would have to be an afternoon trip if I want to spend some time there with them.

I'm glad they were able to take them, I really wanted to find someone we knew to keep them for us because once when I was a kid we asked strangers to take care of our cats for a few weeks while we switched apartments, they assured us they loved cats and would take good care of them, but ended up dumping them in the street. So no more dumping of kitties! And here are the kitties in question:

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