Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prawn Chips

Whenever we go to the Hotpot place in Chinatown I always stock up on the prawn chips cause I love them. Recently I found some in a little Asian grocery store near my place and decided to try making them myself for the first time. They look like this when you buy them:

And then you fry them up, I had so much fun doing this for the first time!:

And then I ate them with some spicy dipping sauce which I made from a mix of about 1 part spicy Vietnamese chili sauce and 3 parts mayo, you can also make a sauce with Mam Nem except using about 1 part fish sauce to ~8 parts mayo, depending on preference, and a bit of salt and freshly ground white pepper:

Here's Carlo's giant jar of Tuong Ut Toi that he got for about $15 in Chinatown, he puts this stuff in almost everything he eats:

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