Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last weekend (yes I'm finally getting closer to the end of my pictures!) Carlo finally got a friend with a truck to help us move the big stuff over from his grandfather's house. Here's the view of my street from inside the truck:

My friend Stephan (permanently incapable of keeping a straight face for a picture):


Steph trying to imitate a turtle and Cri laughing at him:

Braeden (the friend with the truck), Carlo and Cri:

Braeden just before we started moving out Carlo's massive old 200lb tv:

Moving the tv:

I didn't think to take any pics of the livingroom after that but I suppose it's just as well cause when I do things will be more or less put in order :)

And we finally have a proper mattress to sleep on, my old one was ruining our backs, even with extra memory foam pads on top. Donated memory foam mattresses are the BEST, Carlo was lucky enough to get one for free from his uncle who moved away.

Our livingroom looks really nice and homey now, with bookshelves and a dresser and a giant tv, not just bare walls, a couch, and a computer desk :P All that's left at his grandfather's house now are some boxes and small stuff that can be taken in a car, and there's no rush to get it so I suppose we'll do it sometime over the next few months whenever his mom can help us out. Yay for not having to move everything in one day, and having lots of friends to help move the big stuff! It took us all of 20 minutes to get everything out of the van into the apartment, if that. I'm hoping it'll go as well next time we move!

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