Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Mostly) March pictures

Here's a picture I took of a Facebook fail (and the only picture I took with my camera in Feb.):

Here's the forest of cranes building the new Children's Hospital that can be seen from my job:

Here's St. Benoit de Nursie during the Forgiveness Vespers:

My sister and I in my kitchen:

My sister did her hair up all pretty that day:

Here we found 2 very badly parked cars at 2am on our way back from Steph's place:

Here's some pea soup with baby clams, and toast with marmite. I used canned pea soup, but added a spoonful of margarine, a squeeze of Dijon mustard, and a good sprinkling of thyme, it's soo good like that!:

My cat Licorice being cute:

And the first few rays of sunshine in my kitchen that I saw all winter! :D

Oh, and I put up a new post (or two) on my other blog :)

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