Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indian Summer

Today it's 20 degrees out, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. I think this is the last day of such warm weather we'll get this year. On my walk during my lunch hour I saw about 5 mallards in the lachine canal, right near the edge. Their green feathers were so pretty and shiny in the sun. There were about 8 more further on, in the middle of the canal. I should have brought my camera with me, I also wanted to take pictures of all the bright red crab-apples in the trees. And the tall golden grasses with tufts of fluff on top. I did take a picture of the canal once I got back to work though. I'll post it up when I have time.

My plans for posting up pictures last night were put off, I found 2 stray cats and spent all evening bringing them in, buying food and litter, settling them down in the bathroom, feeding them and talking with the neighbor who took in the other one and eventually brought it to the SPCA. The second one is getting picked up today. I wish I could have kept them, but my health and my roommates prevented me. Carlo really wanted one too, but his grandpa hates cats and his mom is allergic to them. The pictures will go up when I have time. Tonight it's dinner, laundry, bathroom cleanup, shower, and maybe some internet/picture posting time. All in 2 1/2 hours if I wanna get to bed early enough to not be tired tomorrow. We'll see.

I read 2 more posts on Eggbeater, the one about pickup lines she links to in the current one is hilarious. I'll have to show that to Carlo, he's a pastry chef too.

The new compose editor thingy is annoying. I dunno if it's just cause I use Firefox, but when I press enter several times to start a new paragraph the cursor stays on the same line, although there are two spaces below, and I have to press the down arrow to get it there. I suppose someone is working on it already, I don't feel like sending them a message.

*sigh* Off to work again...

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