Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roasted beet salad and BLT salad

So I finally got a few recipes crossed off my list, The roasted beet salad with Guajillo chile dressing, and the BLT salad both of which were delicious and I'd like to make again.

Here's the roasted beet salad, it's a pity you don't see more of the dressing it had a beautiful red/orange color that when mixed with the beets makes pretty designs of pink and orange on your plate. I also made some fried eggplant. I can't get enough of it!:

Here's the BLT salad. I over-toasted my homemade croutons a bit though, I'll make sure not to next time, they were still good though:

And here's some fresh raspberries I bought at the Jean-Talon market yesterday, they're so good!:

I also bought pastries at Le Ryad, delicious broccoli (I think? there was only a label above the jar in the fridge, none on the container, but it's green) and star anise soup, artichokes, mangoes and some more black & white pepper from the Epices de Cru store Olives et Epices.

I'm gonna go have some bacon & eggs for breakfast with mango and raspberries for dessert :)

Today there's no d&d cause Richard and Elias had something else to do so I'm hoping to reinstall the air conditioner in the bedroom window, vacuum, take out garbage, do laundry, buy a pepper grinder, and read some more Gunnm. Steph ordered the series in french not long ago, a pic of the french cover is here.


  1. The fried eggplant looks great, how did you do that? Mine never gets crispy and brown like that.

  2. I use a lot of oil. I put about 1/2" of oil in a small plate, then dip the slices on both sides before putting in the frying pan, then salt them. I used to put the oil in the pan first, but it would bead up and I couldn't get even distribution on the surface of the eggplant so I'd have spots that were more browned than others.

    They soak up a lot of oil, but near the end the oil starts to come out so I blot it with paper towel while they're still frying. You have to do it while they're still frying because as soon as you take them out of the pan the oil gets re-absorbed into them.

    I haven't had any problems with paper towel catching on fire lol. I take half a paper towel and put one end over the eggplant and then press down with a fork lightly to avoid burning my fingers.

  3. Cool, thanks! BTW, I just took my Oster Professional Style Deep Fryer on its maiden voyage Saturday night and made hot wings. Oh, baby is it cool! Only 50.00 and worth every penny!

  4. Nice! The only reason I haven't bought a deep-fryer yet is cause I'm afraid I'd gain too much weight cause I'd fry EVERYTHING! lol.