Thursday, July 1, 2010

BBQ at the Hotpot

Last Sunday we went to the Hotpot for BBQ after the Tams. It's the first time I have BBQ at the table like that, it was really yummy. Next time I go to the Hotpot I wanna get the charcoal hotpot though. The charcoal smells sooo good!

Clockwise from left is Chris, Richard, Elias, Carlo and Scott:

That was also the first time I saw Elias shaved. Everyone kept saying how he looked so much younger without his beard:

Last Sat. night we went to the Old Port to watch the fireworks and on the way back we came across a store with the name "Eternal Christmas" lol:

Here's an amazing poutine my roommate Christelle made for me today, it was more like a soup of sauce with fries and lots of cheese lol. It was sooo good :D

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