Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jean-Talon Market, Place Alexis-Nihon, and flowers

My sister and I went to the Jean-Talon market again recently.

Here's the buffalo ribs and chicken drumstick we had:

And the old-fashioned chips:

More pastries from Le Ryad. My favourite is the brown half-crescent thingy:

Here's the merguez grilling at L'olivier:

And the lamb and chicken they had grilling too:

We had a lamb sandwich too, it was delicious :D

Here's a pretty blue-eyed dog I saw at the market:

Oh and I saw Scott Dunbar too! Here's a video I took of him playing a slow version of Billy Jean. I prefer the fast version though.

We also went to Place Alexis-Nihon. Here's my sis in front of the grocery store there:

Here we are on the escalator:

Here's the blooms of one of my plants, it's the first time I see it bloom:


  1. I just don't get it... every time I read your blog I get hungry. LOL!