Tuesday, July 6, 2010

24-Hour Pork Roast

Yesterday me and Steph decided to cook a roast. He put it in the oven at around noon. Seeing as the bottom element wasn't working, he set the dial for the top element and put the temperature at around 300 to leave it till 9pm or so. At around 5pm we checked and the stove hadn't even started heating yet. Big sigh. So we put the dial to bake and set it at 350. At 9:30pm we checked it and the liquid in the pot was hot, but I could still hold my finger in it, and the roast was still raw. Bigger sigh. We put the roast back in at 400 (which was in reality only 300 or so since the bottom element wasn't working). At midnight we checked: smelled good but needed more cooking, so back into the oven it went for the night. Snore. At 5am I checked and the onions still seemed crunchy, it was barely even bubbling so I turned it up to 450. At 10am this morning this is what I took out of the oven:

Here's the breakfast plate I made myself this morning with the mashed potatoes and carrots I made last night in anticipation of a roast dinner:

And yes that is some bacon with the onions. My original idea was to wrap the roast in bacon since it had no fat on it, but we ended up marinating it and cooking it in the liquid, and when I brought up my bacon idea Steph said "well throw it in anyways" hehe. So I can now say I've had stewed bacon lol. It's actually good, the onions are delicious too.