Thursday, June 24, 2010

Packing and vacation

Last weekend and this week have been busy. Today was the St-Jean Baptiste (a.k.a. Fete Nationale) and I worked so I could have tomorrow off and start my 2-week vacation a day early. I even got off work early today because there weren't a lot of calls, at 4:30. I went home, went on the internet a bit, and took a nap. I got up at around 6:30 and cleaned the filter on my air purifier, made dinner, and now I've started a load of laundry.

I'm finally gonna start packing tonight. I'm moving in with my friends Stephan and Christelle on Monday. So that leaves me tonight and tomorrow to pack since I don't think I'll have time between d&d on Saturday, church and tams and hotpot on Sunday. Worst comes to worst I can always finish packing Monday and move on Tuesday. Tomorrow Elias is coming over to help me pack and hang out for a while and we're gonna go pick up Richard at 10pm and head to Steph's place to sleep over. I can't wait till tomorrow :D

Then depending on whether Elias is working next week or the week after, we're gonna go to my parents for a few days sometime soon. And on the 10th of July a bunch of us are going to a friend's place in the country to camp for a night. Besides that I have nothing planned for my vacation. I'll have plenty of unpacking to do though.

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