Monday, June 14, 2010

Fuzziness, d&d and Tams

I'm feeling all fuzzy today :D

On Saturday I played d&d with Steph, Richard, Elias and Dave for the first time, as a pixie! :P I've been nicknamed the Evil Glitter Fairy since college so I wanted to make a character as close to a fairy as possible. It was lots of fun :D

Yesterday I went to church and the tams afterward as usual, stopping by the SAQ and the grocery store too. At around 6 or 7 me, Elias, Pierre, Richard and Kia (Elias' mom) all left and stopped at Elias' place to drop off some stuff and then we (except for Kia) went to Pierre's a few blocks away for bbq. Then me, Richard, Pierre and Elias all headed back at around 9pm or so. I'll upload pics later today if I have time.

Oh, and I realized that Elias is the first Orthodox friend I've made in real life :D I can't wait to have someone to say "Christ is risen!" to besides the other parishioners at my church :)

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