Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tiffany's birthday party and a cosplayer

Here's Dalia and Tiffany with the french braids I made them:

Dalia and I:

Dalia and a stray kitten Tiffany found:

Tiffany, Dalia and I:

Here's a cosplayer I met at the bus stop in front of my house on her way to Otakuthon:

I had lots of fun at the party. Tiffany had made beef & pork burgers, pasta salad and cake, and I brought 2 dozen cobs of corn which we boiled and grilled. The food was delicious! And I also brought her a bottle of cherry brandy and some baileys, which I used to make her bloody brain birthday shots since she and her sister like zombies. It was the first time I made them, and I didn't use a recipe, but I knew adding lemon juice to the baileys would curdle it, so I filled the shot glasses half full of baileys and added a few squirts of lemon juice and poked and stirred it with the handle of a teaspoon till it was all curdled, then added the cherry brandy on top, and stuck a candle in it. They both really liked the idea, especially the little zombie candles :) And a few people managed to choke them down, me included :P Next time I'll use this recipe though, they're much prettier!

We ate and had the shots and then sat around the fire talking and drinking for a while. My friend Dalia who I hadn't seen in forever showed up later, it was nice to see her :) Me & Carlo left at around midnight.

We didn't go to the tams today cause almost everyone is gone to Biccoline this weekend. This evening we're gonna go to the L2 in Chinatown, a favourite bubble tea place of ours. I can't wait!

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