Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random pictures and Tony's birthday party

Here's are some pics I took on our way back from Chinatown last Monday:

This I took on my way back from the Ikea where I bought some Swedish food to bring to my mom since she's from Sweden:

Among other things I bought crayfish and me and my mom devoured them, they were so delicious. This is what I did with the tails after:

Someone at the larping area at the tams last weekend:

Here's my cat Licorice being cute:

And some pictures of Carlo's uncle Tony's 50th birthday party. Here's Carlo's grandfather, a friend of the family named Olga, and Tony:

His grandfather, Olga, me, Teddy and Carlo:

My dad, Carlo's mom, my mom:

My dad, me, Carlo, Carlo's mom, my mom:

My mom and Teddy:

The food was great, there was random store-bought appetizers, lumpia, menudo, lechon kawali, roasted chicken, salad, rice, tiramisu made by Carlo, maha blanca and cantaloupe.

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