Monday, August 1, 2011

Link to a post on conversion, and my weekend

Something good I found today on Steve's blog.

I went to visit my parents this past weekend since it was the feast of St. Seraphim, the church where I was baptized. There were a lot of people on Saturday, over 150. I had never seen so many people there, especially as the church building itself is so tiny. Someone mentioned that it had been done at the multiethnic center in the past, but I seem to remember attending that feast at the church a few years ago, but it's possible that I remember wrong. I took some pictures but have yet to take the time to upload them.

Bishop Irenee was there, the food was really good, I helped serve, and went home at around 3 or so. My parents live right down the street from the church so it's really convenient. On Sat. evening I made homemade mustard with my mom. She tried making it in the food processor which failed completely as the seeds were too small and hard, so she dumped her batch out lol. I made mine in a mortar and pestle, it took an hour or two but I got it done!

Yesterday I didn't do much, I made some banana muffins in the morning and in the afternoon me & my sister went to the beach to go pedalboating but there were no boats left so we walked home. My dad drove me back at 5, we picked Carlo and Christelle from the tams and headed home. My dad stayed and watched an episode of Mythbusters with us and then left.

I had a really nice weekend, it was nice to be in the country and see my family. I'll try to make the time to post all my pictures this weekend, I've been meaning to do it forever but never take the time to do it, I usually end up trying another few new recipes and doing stuff with friends.

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