Thursday, January 27, 2011

On God's Love

Here's a quote that I really like from this post:

F: I was just writing a passage saying that God is not angry or wrathful towards us, but that it will feel like wrath towards those who resist him. Just like fire gives us light and warmth, fire also burns you. But it’s the same fire. I was trying to express this to an editor, and she said, “But if it’s God’s love, how could it possibly not feel good?” The example came to me like this—these special needs kids—what is the disorder—reactive affection disorder? You show affection, and it’s frightening, and they try to pull away. Intimacy is painful to them. And you just try to hold them and love them and you think that will work. In some cases kids get older and start attacking the parents. It’s good to know that love is not enough.

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