Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hand pulled noodles and hard cider

The two things I've been reading about this afternoon and really wanna try in the next couple of months (after I'm done moving) are hand-pulled noodles and hard cider. One apparently much more difficult than the other. I can't wait to try these! I'm gonna go to a brewing supply store tomorrow evening to get some equipment for the cider. I'll be moving this weekend and next so don't know if I'll have time to do it before next month though. I can make free booze!! w00t!!! Lol XD


  1. How are these food blogs Orthodox?

    As a seperate issue, maybe you should try to become a chef. You seem to have enthusiasm for cooking.

  2. I make my own hard cider every now and then. I picked it up from a friend who is a professional cider maker. I wouldn't recommend fermenting in a plastic container, like in the link you posted. Plastic can make your cider taste funny. I only ferment my cider in glass gallon (or larger) carboys.

    A good yeast to use is a dry white wine yeast.

    And don't let your cider sit too long on the lees, or it will taste awful. And be sure to drink your cider fairly quickly - unlike wine or ale, cider doesn't really improve with age. It's okay to let it sit for a week or two after you rack it (that is, remove it from the lees to a new container), but much longer and it will harm the flavor.

  3. Anonymous: They're not supposed to be.

    Suleyman: Thanks for the tips!