Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's been quite a while since I posted something food-related on here. Bobotie is a dish I made once a few years ago and liked it, but then lost the recipe. I was recently trying to remember the name of the dish to make it again and a food blog I read happened to post about it! And to boot, the recipe they posted was better than the original I had made! So I made it again last Saturday for guests and it was so good that I told myself that I can't forget this recipe again.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures of my own but please enjoy the beautiful ones over at Ang Sarap. There is also info on the dish itself. The only modifications I made was that I added maybe half a tablespoon more curry powder than the recipe said to as well as a teaspoon or so of salt during the initial cooking of the meat since it isn't mentioned when or how much salt to add.

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