Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonkotsu ramen and Oliver Twit

We ended up naming our new kitten Oliver Twit. He's an orphan and an annoying twit. But very cute and cuddly :)

Here's the tonkotsu ramen that I've been meaning to make for 6 months or so now. It took me ALL DAY but it was good :) I won't make it again though cause it was too much work, I'll just make a much simpler broth and add homemade noodles & chashu. The chashu was amazing!

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  1. Yeah, it sounded sooo good but looked like a LOT of work. I went to our Chinese supermarket last week and made ramen and chashu (char sui) pork too (the red BBQ sauce, marinaded overnight) Oh, yum.