Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hamburgers, parties, and a kitten :)

My dad and I went to Burger de Ville on Wesminster a few weeks ago. I had been meaning to go there for a while after hearing good things about it from several people.

My medium bacon cheese burger, delicious:

The "spicy" fries, also delicious:

My dad's medium St. Paulin burger, also delicious:

Here we are at l'Auberge du Dragon Rouge, a medieval restaurant, last weekend for my sister Emily's birthday:

Us with the waitress, Delphine. She's awesome! :P

The day before that I had a bbq/party at my place. Here's Tiffany in a dress that Carlo's mom gave her (I told her to strike a sexy pose) since it was too small for me. We managed to zip it up but 20 minutes later she came to me saying "I breathed too much"; the zipper had split open and we couldn't get it to open or close any more so I had to tear it open :( She was very sad. I gave her some consolation icecream.

Here almost all of us are piled onto the couch, with Stephan smoking shisha (I put Tiffany's hair in ponytails):

Here's the pictures from Carlo's grandfather's birthday party the day before (Friday). Here I am about to try some of his uncle's failed dessert. Apparently it got smoked from the lechon grease. Greasy smoke doesn't give a good flavor to desserts.

Here's the whole gang, minus me & Lisa. My dad, mom, his uncle, grandfather, Olga (friend of the family), Veronica (other uncle's girlfriend), and his other uncle with the dog.

A few weeks ago a friend of ours visited from Korea where's she's teaching English and she brought Steph a  Korean outfit, so I took a pic of him and his Xangetsu sword:

To give you a better idea of how big it is here I am with it. Yes it's sharpened:

Meeting of Styles put Epic Mealtime up on the wall beside my job this year!!! Epic!!! lollll :D

And here are more pictures of our new kitten which we finally brought home last weekend. Here's my sister and the kitten:

Carlo sleeping and the kitten:

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