Monday, December 6, 2010

November 2010 in pictures

Here's a cello player that was playing some great music at Radisson metro last weekend:

Here's a delicious dinner of chicken ballotine we had that I made after I watched this video:

Steph, Johan and Carlo around the table digesting:

Pastries from Chinatown:

My sister:

The view from work one evening:

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Lachine Canal:

A foggy day at work:

Licorice on my mom's ironing board:

A rainbow over Montreal:

Taken on the bus to or from Rawdon where I went to visit my parents:

Inside Place Alexis-Nihon:

We went for dim sum at the Red Ruby in Chinatown for my birthday, it was my first time eating dim sum and I loved it!:

Carlo and my reflection in the disk of a broken external hard drive (cell phone pic):

The view of my parents yard last weekend, first real snow I saw this winter! I was so happy :D:

The Sushi Crescent where we went to eat for Carlo's mom's birthday, it was so good!

The railing of the stairway changed color:

A sunbeam hit Steph's dragon figurine just right, and the ostrich egg with it:

Some kickass salad I made with tomatoes, lettuce, Wafu Asian dressing, calamari just barely fried with some oil, smoked salt and white pepper:

The rest of them are here.


  1. I like the look of that chicken ballotine :)

  2. I have to try the chicken ballotine! Wow, the video was great!

  3. I know! He makes it look so easy! It took me at lease 10 minutes to do it, even while watching the video :P