Monday, December 6, 2010


It makes your day when you're missing someone but are too shy to tell them and then get a text message from them saying they miss you :D Especially after reading something like this and a good cup of coffee :D

My weeks nowadays are spent going to the gym in the evening and generally being busy. This weekend I stayed up suuuuper late on Friday night decorating my entire apartment with every last Christmas decoration I could find lol. I surprised my friend Carlo when he got home at 12:45 am as he wasn't expecting me to be up lol. Then went to bed at around 4am, got up yesterday at around 11am, had breakfast, went back to bed at around 12:30 and napped till 3:30 or so, then got up and got ready to go with Carlo to his place to have dinner and get some clothes from his mom and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It made me feel a bit emo. And then she drove us back to my place and I stayed up late again and had to get up early for work and drink coffee for once. I'm preparing a BIG surprise for him for his birthday but I'm guessing he doesn't read this but just in case he does (hi Carlo!) I'm not saying what it is muahahahaha! XD

This weekend nothing planned either, except for the surprise, and finally getting to church!

I wanted to post up a slide show of November's pictures but couldn't cause I wanted to edit it and it didn't work so I'll have to post them up individually when I have time. Maybe tonight. I think I'll start posting more or less once a month, I've gotten too busy to do otherwise.

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