Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things I didn't know about bras.

I learned these things recently after discovering a forum called A Bra That Fits on Reddit. If I didn't know these things at the age of 29, then how many other women are wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitted bras??? I HAD to post this here to spread the word.

-80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. Usually a too-large band and a too small cup size.

-Cup size is relative to bra size

-A D-cup is NOT HUGE!

How to put a bra on properly

-Hard-to-find sizes don't have to be expensive! Ebay is good for that I'm told, as well as other online lingerie retailers.

-Some girls with back problems have even seen these problems go away by wearing a properly-fitted bra!

Anyone who wears a bra and sees this I beg you to measure yourself and read this for lots more interesting info about bras, bra myths, etc. All these links are in the sidebar on A Bra That Fits. Please go read!

I didn't believe it when the measurements said I had to go down two band sizes and UP FIVE WHOLE CUP SIZES!!! Until I tried one on... and my jaw dropped! It fit perfectly! My female family members didn't believe me till I showed them pictures and then I got nothing but amazement and compliments out of them! Even the fitting-lady at the store didn't believe I was that size! Unfortunately a lot of people who work in lingerie stores are misinformed about proper bra sizing as well :( So always measure yourself and don't rely on a fitting in a store.

And any man who wants to pass this info on to have a wife or girlfriend that is more comfortable and feeling awesome about herself, please do so!

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