Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pascha and breakfast

Last night was exhausting but beautiful and joyful :) (see previous post for pics). It was my first time going to St-Benoit for Pascha, in the past I'd always made the trip to Rawdon to attend at St-Seraphim. It was nice to be able to understand the singing, which was in French, at St-Seraphim it's all done in Russian (or is it called Slavonic? I'm not sure...). Bishop Irénée was there, and the liturgy lasted till 1am or so, then Carlo joined us for the meal afterwards. I invited him to come watch the end of the liturgy, but things progressed faster than I expected so when I told him to come after the Our Father they were already serving communion 5 minutes later! Oh well, another time :)

We all piled into the back room at around 1:30 and a small buffet table of delicious cold food was set up and we all stuffed our faces on cold cuts, salads, rice, bread, salmon, ham, sausage, lamb and several cheeses, then the usual pascha and cake for dessert :)

Carlo and I left and biked home slowly at around 2:30am, then I showered and collapsed into bed around 4am. I woke up around 11am and had a breakfast of toast, boiled carrots and double-smoked bacon, with the company of a few pigeons on our balcony :D

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