Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Renovations and some pics

Been a while since I posted much here. We're repainting and removing the two layers of very old carpet to install vinyl flooring. We started moving stuff on Sunday and painting yesterday, we have one coat on the entrance hallway and one wall of the living room so far and it's already so much brighter! I'm so looking forward to having a brighter apartment and a floor that I can easily clean! Especially the carpets being gone, seeing as I have allergies and cats that are prone to making messes. Clicky to see fullscreen:

The guy laying the tile in the hall and kitchen is at our place now ripping up the carpet and prepping the floor, we'll have to vacate the place for a night after it's laid for the tile to set. Our friend Tiffany came over yesterday with a paint gun and we borrowed an air compressor from the janitor, but it was only after half an hour of fiddling with both that we got it to work, and even then not properly, so we finally decided to use rollers instead. 

Carlo's dad requested this picture, he saw a picture of me and Carlo together and asked for one of us doing "happy family" with the pets. "happy family" is when he grabs all 4 of his cats and holds them in his arms until one of them moves and they all explode out of his arms in every direction lol. So we decided to do a more pet-friendly version for him. Here's Tiff on the left with our corn snake Steve, then Carlo with Oliver and me with Licorice:

As you can tell Oliver is NOT happy about this (he rarely is about being picked up) and the other two are just wondering how soon they can leave :P

A friend came to pick the cats up yesterday to keep them for two weeks and apparently upon arriving at his place Oliver bit right through his fingernail o.O Good thing his claws were clipped!

I FINALLY got to see another doctor to try new ADD meds, the two I tried weren't working for me at all. Trying Adderall 5mg today, so far feel normal, if a bit more awake than usual. I'm praying I find something soon that helps! I don't wanna lose my job...

I also went for a sleep study last week to see if that might be the cause of my attention-related problems. Will get the results in a month or so...

Here's a pic I took at presanctified two weeks ago:

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